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Introducing … THE MUSE Case Study Report …

Brief Note :

The company was founded in 2011 by Kathryn Minshew, Melissa McCreery, and Alexandra Cavoulacos.

The company is privately-owned and is not required to release financial information. There is an entry on stating that
the company earned $3 million in revenues, but no confirmation seems to exist on this figure.

According to the article for the company on Wikipedia, Tyra Banks is said to be one of the investors in the company.

The founders were running a blog called The Daily Muse, which provided advice and a forum for job seekers.

One of the founders,Melissa McCreary, learned programming to create the job board. She employed the help of professional coders, but wanted to have control over the process, and make it the way the founders had envisioned.

The Daily Muse is now part of If you type in, it will forward to the new

The Muse was created to be much more than a job listing website. It is better to think of the site as a career advice channel. It handles many aspects of a career including interviews, networking, and other services. Minshew wanted to create a website that was a fun place for job seekers to explore.

The company is well-funded. It received seed capital and had access to several rounds of funding. According to,
the company received $28.7 million in funding across four funding rounds and several investors.

This reports has more details …


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THE MUSE Case Study Report

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