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Introducing … 10-Day ECourse On Getting Braces …

Brief Note :

There are 10 subjects on this topic!

Followings are the details:

Email 1

Subject: How do you know that you need braces?

Email 2

Subject: How much does it cost to have braces?

Email 3

Subject: Different types of braces

Email 4

Subject: What happens at the orthodontist?

Email 5

Subject: How long do you need braces for?

Email 6

Subject: Tips for helping your child adjust to braces

Email 7

Subject: Looking after your braces

Email 8

Subject: Braces – Food do’s and don’ts

Email 9

Subject: Tips for playing sport with braces

Email 10

Subject: Wearing a retainer


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10-Day ECourse On Getting Braces

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