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Introducing … Dealing With Dementia Audio Pack …

Brief Note :

There are 10 audio parts in this pack talking about dealing with Dementia!

Followings are the details :

Audio #1 7 Natural Alzheimers Treatments And Tips

Audio #2 Common Treatments To Help A Dementia Patient Deal With The Disease

Audio #3 Dealing With A Dementia Patient Which Is Aggressive

Audio #4 Dealing With Alzheimers disease – 7 Stages And The Symptoms You Need To Know

Audio #5 Dealing With Dementia – Organization And Routine Are Vital For Success

Audio #6 How Exeercise Can Help Individual And The Family Dealing With Dementia

Audio #7 Making Your Home Safe For A Dementia Sufferer

Audio #8 Self-care Tips For The Dementia Patient

Audio #9 Talking To A Parent With Dementia

Audio #10 What Is Dementia And Are You At Risk

This pack comes with articles, posters, report and license.



File : Personal Use Rights

Dealing With Dementia Audio Pack

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