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It is important to make time to keep your computer organized and free from clutter. It is so easy to download files and gifts and before you know it your storage space is running out. 


This article will look at some good tools you can use to help organize your computer.




If you spend any amount of time online you will need a way to remember and organize all of your login information for your various accounts. There are several ways you can do this including keeping a written account of all of your passwords. While this is a great habit to get into, you may want to combine it with using an online tool that will remember your passwords for you

Lastpass is a popular tool for passwords. In addition to remembering your passwords it helps generate passwords and allows you to organize them into a vault. You create a main vault key, which only you have access to, so nobody else can access your information. There is a free version and a paid premium one.

Roboform is another great tool similar to Lastpass. In addition to remembering and generating passwords it can fill out online forms for you. Roboform also works across all of your devices without you having to purchase any additional licenses.


Online Storage


Do you ever run out of space on your hard drive or worry about losing family photos or important information? If so you should take advantage of some form of online storage tool.
Skydrive is installed on all newer Window computers and offers you free storage for your documents and photos. Plus you can access your content when offline.

Google Drive provides all Google account users with 5GB's of free storage in the Cloud. Don't have a Google account, sign up and create one today to take advantage of this.
As wellas being great for keeping your files safe, using Cloud storage is a great way to help keep your computer organized. The more information you can store off of your computer the better. As your hard drive fills up you will find that your computer starts torun more slowly.


Another neat idea for keeping your computer clean is to download items to your desktop. Then once a week simply go through each item and see if you need to keep it. Either file it away into an appropriate file or put it into the recycle bin. You will be amazed at how efficient and organized you become just by doing this one simple thing regularly.


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Online Organization

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