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Introducing … Raising An Optimistic Child …

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As a parent, you want to try to raise your child so that they have the best chance to live a purposeful life full of happiness. However, since life has its ups and downs, how do you do that – especially if your child happens to have the “pessimistic gene”?

First, we need to define what it is to be an optimistic child, discuss whether optimism is genetic or not, and how the world looks through the lens of optimism versus pessimism for a child.

Then we’ll look at how you can teach optimism even if the genetics aren’t on the side of optimism, using your examples and love.

The Definition of an Optimistic Child

There is a meme going around the internet regarding optimistic versus pessimistic children. It involves a room full of poop versus a room full of every single imaginable toy possible.

The optimistic child spends a couple hours in the poop room and leaves happy, covered in poop. The pessimist child goes in the toy room that has every imaginable toy and has a horrible time. The pessimistic child leaves the room negative and unimpressed.

This is a very extreme example and not even a true story, but it does clearly show the differences in how most people view optimism versus pessimism. The optimist child can look on the bright side even for a room full of poop, while a pessimist cannot even see the value in a room full of fun toys.

This is kind of a problem in the way we teach children the value of optimism over pessimism. You really don’t have to teach children unrealistic ideals in order to help them become more optimistic and therefore happier.

The truth is, the definition of optimism is basically “the feeling or belief that good things will happen even if it’s not likely.” ( So, in some ways, the ability to be optimistic seems almost unrealistic.

However, studies show that the ability to look on the bright side serves people well because they tend to be happier even when things don’t go the way they had hoped. Because of this, there is a lot of value in intentionally raising optimistic children.

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Raising An Optimistic Child

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