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Introducing … Simple Stretching For Seniors Pack …

Brief Note :

Feeling Like Age Is Catching Up With You?

Reclaim Your Life By Learning Simple Techniques To Stay Strong, Stable & Limber As A Senior!

Read on below to see exactly how you can enjoy the best of your golden years by implementing a stretch exercise routine that will have you feeling youthful again!

Introducing : Simple Stretching For Seniors – A Beginners Guide To Staying Strong, Stable & Limber As A Senior

Here’s what you get inside this ebook:


Chapter 1 : An overview of stretching the aging body and basic anatomy

Chapter 2 : Why stretching is beneficial to the aging body

Chapter 3 : Things to consider before starting a stretching program

Chapter 4 : Typs of stretches and timing

Chapter 5 : Popular stretch training programs & their effectiveness

Chapter 6 : Common stumbling blocks to stretch training & dangers to be aware of

Chapter 7 : Overview of stretch workouts for beginners

Chapter 8 : Sample stretch workouts

Chapter 9 : Tools/resources/apps to help with staying limber into older age

Conclusion ‘ Tips to add stretching into your daily life long-term

Bonus chapter : Advanced stretch workouts


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Simple Stretching For Seniors Pack

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