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Introducing … SQUARESPACE Case Study Report …

Brief Note :

Anthony Casalena started the company in 2003.

The company is private and is not required to publish information about its financial position.

According to a 2016 Entrepreneur article about the company, it stated the company made $100 million in 2015.

Casalena started the company as part of a college incubator program.

He wanted to create hosting and a web development tool that he could use to create websites. As part of the incubator program, he signed on several beta testers and gave them access to the system for a discounted price.

His reason for choosing this type of business was the lack of tools available to blog back in 2003. He felt the tools that did exist weren’t easy to use and you had to use different websites for different aspects of the job. He wanted a complete set of tools that he could use for his development use.

This report has more details …


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SQUARESPACE Case Study Report

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