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Introducing … The Internet – Your Research Library …

Brief Note :

Many people who are now comfortable using the Internet remember very different experiences before the computer became a staple in the home. When doing research, it meant spending hours at the library. You could either find books or periodicals on the shelves or submit a special request to access special files and records stored under lock and key. If you needed to look up something that the library did not have on hand, then it was possible to ask the librarian to do some research for you. The library has been relying on computers for years before people had their own personal computers.

Things have sure changed! You can now do an astonishing amount of online research by using a variety of search techniques explained in this report. Not only is a world of information available online, you can access the same information the librarian used to obtain for you many years ago. You can read websites, log into library sites around the world, obtain research articles and reports, and generally obtain a wealth of information on every topic under the sun Research, by the way, is not something only students find useful. Everyone needs to do research at some point in his/her life even if he or she is not a student. Homeowners may need to research how to shop for insurance or new appliances. Senior citizens might need to research the newest Medicare regulations and determine how they will impact health coverage. Businesses do research to define competition, markets, and meet product and service research and development needs. Of course, the student is still out there writing research papers and theses or trying to find the best science project for a class project that will net him or her an “A+” as a grade.

This report will tell you how to access much of the various kinds of information available on the Internet. You will learn how to identify information resources and then search the Web in pursuit of information and statistics that meet your needs. By using a methodical approach for online research, you will be able to easily access the appropriate sources for research. In other words, with your computer and Internet access, you have a personal research library right in your home or office. You don’t have to trudge down to the library except on rare occasions.


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The Internet – Your Research Library

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