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Introducing … Using Blogs To Bridge To Your Website …

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The Importance Of A Bridge Site!

If you are like most Internet entrepreneurs, you start to collect different websites or web presences that are useful for generating traffic back to your site.

Some of these places, like Digg, Facebook, or article archives can be a great resource in advertising your sales website on the Internet to specific demographics.

However, many third-party sites have specific rules about the types of pages that people can use in their comments, their articles, and/or biographical information. Ezinearticles, for instance, won’t allow you to link back to a sales page, and yet, this is at the heart of Internet marketing. You wouldn’t be out there, if you weren’t trying to get someone to buy something from you. So, what do you do?

That’s where you start to realize that there are ways to get around the rules that others put in place to limit your Internet marketing activities, and bridge sites are an important strategy to exploit.

Even when a third-party doesn’t ban you for linking to a sales page, there are also other times when it’s just jarring to go from a link, say like in Facebook, to a sales page.

In some ways, social networkers will judge such a move as “too commercial” and you can lose credibility in your authenticity that way. So, again, you want to implement a bridge site to smooth the way.

This ebook has more details …


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Using Blogs To Bridge To Your Website

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