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Introducing … WAZE Case Study Report …

Brief Note :

Waze was founded by Israeli computer programmer Ehud Shabtai and Noam Bardin (CEO) in 2006.

The company was bought out in 2013 by Google.

Google is a public company, but revenues of a parent company are usually consolidated into the parent. As such, there isn’t a published breakout of the revenues for Waze.

According to a report from Harvard Business School, Waze has 100 million users. This suggests the company is highly profitable. Google (parent company of Waze) does not break out its advertising dollars per user.

The company started out as FreeMap Israel and used the concept of crowdsourcing to populate the data needed by the network and the company calls its users Wazers.

This report has more details …


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WAZE Case Study Report

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