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Introducing … Why Data Driven Strategy Via AB Test Is Crucial For Modern SEOS …

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Brief Note :

Search Engine Optimization is a skill that is constantly changing and evolving. If you work in this profession, then resting on your laurels and sticking with what you know simply isn’t an option any more.

It was only a few years ago that we believed the best way to succeed at SEO was to stuff a page full of keywords and to pay for links from as many sites as possible. Of course, we know that this will get a site penalized and even de-indexed pretty quickly these days!

Today, Google is an AI-driven company. Google wants to combine its search engine with its smart assistant, so that you can simply ask Google who was in X film, or how to cook X meal, and it will be able to answer in natural language by pulling from the web.

Future implications of this aside, what it means for webmasters right now, is that they need to start being smarter about their use of keywords and the type of content they produce. They need to think about using markup language, employing latent semantic indexing, and getting links from sites that Google trusts, with plenty of authority. They need to do all this while STILL producing content that is engaging and entertaining for real, human readers.

This is such a nuanced and complex topic, that you’ll find you can no longer just ‘guess’ what will work. And you can no longer make assumptions.

The ONLY way to succeed online, is to take a data-driven approach. That means watching your stats and metrics extremely closely, but it also means running split tests, which can help you to identify the precise techniques and strategies that are guaranteed to bring your website success.

In this report, you’ll learn why this is no longer optional for SEOs, and why it’s crucial for the entire industry that more agencies start using this topic. You’ll also see precisely what an AB test is, and how you can employ it to amazing effect.


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Why Data Driven Strategy Via AB Test Is Crucial For Modern SEOS

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